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2nd vote for mouser. 42IF100-RC Red Oscillator 42IF101-RC 455kHz Yellow 1st IF 42IF102-RC 455kHz White 2nd IF 42IF103-RC 455kHz Black 3rd IF The 42IF100-RC will be listed at mouser as if it was 796kHz IF, but it is really the oscillator coil. These are made by xicon. Python alias git bash
You could take the 455 kHz output, run it into an SDR, and have a panadapter. You could also demodulate the audio on that SDR and ship that audio to S2000 455 kHz IF out > SDR antenna in. The problem is, pretty much every SDR I can think of to suggest would do everything (on HF) that the...

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IF_scaner with 10.7Mhz and 455khz radio-intermediate-frequency-transformer. electronic valve radio intermediate frequency transformer 97 contributions in the last ...

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Dec 15, 2002 · Most 175kHz transformers will cover from 173-182.5kHz and most 455kHz transformers will cover from 445-475kHz (these are the two most popular frequencies used). IF transformers in the 200kHz and 250kHz range were less common, with only a few receivers using them.

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IF:455KHz. 7 tubes, RF:1, IF:1,BFO, ANL. ... placed aslant output transformer for avoid leakage from power transformer: JR-60のBCバンドをLFに変更した ...

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The single audio amplifier stage in this transmitter was driven by audio from a carbon-type microphone, transformer-coupled to the audio tube control grid. Screen modulation is an inherently less efficient method of modulation than high-level modulation of the final amplifier plates.

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The video shows how a 455 KHz electromagnetic IF filter works and how you can make such a filter yourself with cardboard forms, isolated copper wire from 0,2-0,3 cm, a ferrite rod and ceramic or other tuneable caps. How to adjust the two 455 KHz IF transformers to their resonance frequency.

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IF transformer version Here's a BFO circuit by Jim G4NWJ. He writes: "This is the BFO circuit that I have installed in my radios, I have used the Hi/Lo tone switch to provide the negative line and tapped into the positive supply on the right hand side of the circuit board.

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How to make a 455 KHz IF filter yourself and test it with a wobbulator, you can set all the properties that your 455 KHz filter has to have by aligning it...

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455 kHz and 8.2 MHz Tx IF. However, with EDSP op-eration, you can keep the 2.4 kHz filter, or select the 6.0 kHz filter for maximum bandwidth and better fre-quency response on your transmitted audio. The re-sulting effect of this filter selection is directly related to menu selection 7-7 (below).

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The piezoelectric transformer we started with in this study was the new ring/dot-type Pb(Sb1=2Nb1=2)O3–Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 [PSN–PZT] transformer capable of increasing output cur-rent.6) This type of filter using contour vibration has been de-veloped for application in 455kHz AM radios and 4.5MHz television audio reception.6) In the ring/dot-type transform-

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